Waffle Irons with Removable Plates Make a Handy All-in-One Appliance

Published: 20th October 2011
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Waffle irons with removable plates not only make clean up easy, but now come with several styles of plates to make your waffle iron also a sandwich maker or grill. This type of all-in-one appliance will bake waffles, and cook eggs, potatoes and bacon for a complete breakfast without a lot of mess. Instead of having a different appliance for making waffles, one for grilling meats and a separate griddle for pancakes or melted sandwiches, you can purchase one appliance for less money than buying 3 appliances. Plus, having one appliance that does it all will be a space saver for those with limited storage space.

Several brands of waffle irons with removable plates to look at before purchasing are Cuisinart, Black and Decker and even George Foreman. Another fun little waffle iron with removable plates is the Sunbeam Waffle Iron with 3 different plates. The first one is for waffles; a second for grilling sandwiches, but the best of all is the animal-shaped waffle plates for the kids in your family. This Sunbeam Waffle Maker is perfect for grandparents to own for when the grandkids come to visit and stay overnight. Just think of how excited they will be to have animal shaped waffles for breakfast.

The Cuisinart 5 in 1 Baker turns this one appliance into five appliances but without taking up a lot of storage space. The grills and griddles are reversible and easy to change. If you enjoy making burgers, steaks or chicken on the grill, than this is a great indoor alternative to the outdoor grill. With the drip pan that catches the grease drippings, this machine is a healthy choice instead of using the frying pan. Once this baker heats up, it cooks any type of food quickly and evenly.

Now for those who love waffles, Cuisinart makes waffle grills to fit this baker, but must be purchased separately. Cuisinart offers a 3 year warranty on its 5 in 1 Baker, which makes this appliance a good product to own.

Do you remember the sturdy little waffle baker that your mother and grandmother had? This Black and Decker Grill and Waffle Baker is designed with the retro 1950ís and 60ís in mind. It compares to the square-shaped, chrome waffle iron of yesteryear. This Black and Decker Waffle Baker comes with three different removable plates such as waffle plates that make four 4 inch waffles, a grill to make grilled sandwiches and a griddle to make pancakes, eggs or meats. It is designed to stand up on its side when storing in your pantry or kitchen cabinet. Or since it is so attractive, leave it out on your counter top if space allows. This waffle iron with removable plates is reasonably priced for all it does.

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